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Off Campus Access

If you wish to use e-media and databases of the library off campus, a few technical requirements have to be observed. Therefore follow the steps below and use library offers whenever they are needed.

Initial password

With your enrollment documents you will receive an initial password. This is used to create a RHRK account.

Set up VPN access

Because of licence regulations many services and web pages are only accessible within the networks of the TU Kaiserslautern. In order to be able to access these services from off campus, the RHRK offers access via the so-called "remote access (VPN)". An encrypted tunnel is built from your own device to the TU Kaiserslautern and your data will be securely transmitted. Via this tunnel your device gets an IP address from the address range of the TU Kaiserslautern, so that internal resources are also available by any external internet connection.

How to get started in the library

Now you have access to our e-books, e-journals and databases. You will find them like this:

  • E-books & e-journals: The easiest way to access our e-media is searching in our catalog Katalog+. As all media of the library are listed there, both printed and electronic, it is often helpful to use limiters. You can search for specific topics or individual documents. In the full record view of a document, you may find a link to the full text. Detailed instructions for the Katalog+ can be found here.
  • Databases: You can find our databases via the database information system (DBIS) (content in German language only). Here the databases are sorted according to subjects. The search function can be used to find individual databases. For subjects taught at the TU Kaiserslautern, there are integrated lists of important databases. In DBIS you will find additional instructions for use.
  • For further information sources, please have a look at our section Literature search.


Even if most e-media or databases are accessible via the VPN access, there are exceptions.

  • Access via Shibboleth: Shibboleth is a method of authentication. First select your home institution (TU Kaiserslautern). In the next step enter your RHRK credentials. You will receive a corresponding note in DBIS.
  • Spatial Restrictions: For legal databases such as "juris" and "beck-online" only on-campus access is possible.
  • Single User License: Because of licence agreements some products can only be used at a single workplace and we have to log you in and out.

No access?

Test here if you are in the IP address range of the university.


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