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DEAL-Wiley agreement

The DEAL project, supported by the Alliance of German Science Organisations, negotiates nationwide licensing agreements with the publishing houses Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley. The aim is to offer participating institutions permanent full text access to all journals of the publishers as well as the possibility of Open Access publishing.

The TUK has decided to participate in the DEAL-Wiley agreement.

It is a “Publish&Read” deal and includes the following terms:

  1. Members of the TUK have reading access to approx. 1,600 journals published by Wiley.
  2. From 01.07.2019, TUK scientists and scholars will have the opportunity to publish journal articles in Open Access not only in Gold Open Access journals, as before, but also in the vast majority of Wiley's subscription journals (hybrid).
    The following costs are not covered and must be borne by the authors themselves: Abstract; Article Cover; Calendar of Events; Cover; Dissertation; Editorial; Erratum; Frontispiece; General Correspondence; General News; Index; Introduction; Issue Information; List of Reviewers; Media Review; Meeting Report; Miscellaneous; Obituary; Oration; Research News; Retraction Notice
  3. A discount of 20% is granted on publications in Gold Open Access journals. If the DFG funding conditions of the Open Access Publication Fund are met, these can be financed after the application has been submitted.

Please select the CC-BY license when submitting an article, as because only this license really corresponds to the fair principle.

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