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Customers Information


Cancellation of library registration is possible at the Circulation Desk of all University Campus Libraries. For more information contact: Central Library, Paul-Ehrlich-Strasse, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Phone: +49 (0) 631 205 2063, Fax: +49 (0)631 205 2355, E-mail: zbausleihe[at]ub.uni-kl.de

Catalogue of the University Library

The University Library catalogue is freely accessible through the internet. It contains all monographs, journal and periodicals held by the Central Library and the Department Libraries, the Textbook Collection, dissertations as well as all electronic journals and full text documents accessed through databases freely available to the University Library. Catalogue workstations are available in all campus libraries for our users. Older dissertations are listed in part in the card catalogue in the Central Library (Bldg.32). Further, the catalogue data is enriched with additional information such as a reference management program.



CD-ROM Online (Campus Access)

Library users can utilize all of the CD-ROMs in the campus network as well as those installed at individual workstations in the library.
For University students and faculty members with a RHRK account:
Off-campus access to the CD-ROM databases requires a VPN-client, a remote access server. To install a VPN-client follow the instructions “Von zu Hause ins Lan der TU KL” on the Regional University Computer Centre’s website.
Please note: When installing the client use the profile “TU Kaiserslautern”.

Cell Telephones

Cell telephones may not be used in the campus libraries.

Central Information

The Central Information, located in the entrance area of the Central Library (Bldg. 32), offers information on the use of the library, document delivery, library instruction and presentations. The Central Information desk is occupied Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 16:30 pm.

Central Library

The Central Library, the University’s main information centre, located in Building 32, provides its users with a collection of bibliographies, biographies and general reference materials, freely accessible for use in the library. Selected specialized literature, especially in the field of the social sciences, as well as library materials in the closed stacks (i.e. dissertations) and in the Textbook Collection are available for loan.

Change of Address

Report changes of address promptly. Update your address by visiting any Campus Library or informing us by e-mail 

Children’s Reading Area

The Children’s Reading Area is located in the Central Library (Bldg. 32). It offers books and magazines on a variety of subjects as well as educational software, educational games and information from the internet. Items from the Children’s Reading Area are marked with a “K”. The collection supplements the “Children’s University”, a series of lectures for children 8 years and above held annually in the spring at the University. All library patrons may borrow items from the children’s collection. Children who wish to borrow items from the children’s collection must have a library card which can be obtained in the Central Library. The application form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.


The multifunctional University "Chipkarte" functions as a library card provided its owner is registered as a library user at the University Library. Registration is possible at all Campus Libraries.


Citavi is an efficient reference management program for study and research. It is provided by the TU Kaiserslautern Libraries for its students and faculty members.

Classification System

Library materials such books, journals and CDs are classified in various subject areas and disciplines in the library. Each department library has its own specific classification system. A general overview of the individual classifications is available in print form in the respective department libraries as well as online under the department library portals.


Cloakrooms can be found in the entrance area of all TU Campus Libraries. Coats and jackets, umbrellas, bags, backpacks etc. may not be taken into the library. Baskets are available for use in the libraries for your personal valuables as well as any materials you may need while studying in the library.

Closed Stacks

The closed stacks, located on the lower level of the Central Library, hold  back issues of many journals, periodicals and newspapers subscribed by the University Campus Libraries as well as dissertations and older literature. The Department Library of Mechanical and Process Engineering and Economics has its complete collection of journals, with the exception of the current year’s issues, stored in the closed stacks.  The current issues can be found in the Department Library (Bldg. 42). Requests for items in the closed stacks may be made at the Circulation Desk in the Central Library (Bldg. 32) (Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm). Items from the closed stacks can be reserved through the online catalogue and can be borrowed for a 4-week period. Journals and newspapers are not available for loan.

Computer Workstations

PC workstations / computer workstations are available in all Campus Libraries for catalogue and internet enquiries. The computer workstations in the “PC Pool” of the Central Library (Bldg. 32, Room 216) as well as those in the Department Libraries are reserved for the students and faculty of the Technical University and students affiliated with the TU who have a student account or an AIX cluster account. Students registered at the Technical University as of summer semester 2007 can automatically generate an account through the “Accountvergabe"  (=account allocation). A windows network account, which is additionally required, can be generated online as well. Contact the RHRK Service Point (Bldg. 34, Room 209) for further information and assistance concerning the AIX clusters. Students registered at the Technical University prior to the summer semester of 2007 can receive these accounts at the RHRK Service Point (Bldg. 34, Room 209). Computer workstations are available in all Campus Libraries for visitors. Library visitors must present a valid photo identification card to obtain a daily Visitor’s Pass.

Course Reserves

Library materials such as books and textbooks that an instructor has selected for use by students enrolled in a specific course are placed “on reserve” in the University Campus Libraries. These materials are non-circulating. Course reserves can be found in the Reading Room of the Central Library as well as in the Department Libraries. All course reserves are listed in the library’s online catalogue.
Electronic course related resources as well as links to relevant websites can be found and accessed in ELSA (Electronic Course Reserve).

Customized Searches

Customized searches are carried out by our subject librarians upon request.