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University Library in a nutshell

The library is a central service unit of the University of Kaiserslautern and offers a wide range of collections and resources to support campus instruction, research, and service and owns about 900,000 volumes. An online catalogue (OPAC) provides access to all books and journals held by the library.

The library system is a decentralized system with resources housed in a central library building and eight department libraries:

Social Sciences

(placed in the central library building)

The central library functions as an information centre, offering approx. 44,000 volumes for reference in open stacks: bibliographies, biographies and general reference works. Subject coverage complements that of the faculty libraries and it is here that multiple copies of recommended textbooks for taught courses are held. Older journals, books, and newspapers are housed in closed stacks.
Special services such as a complete collection of German standards and an interlibrary loan department are also housed in the central library building.
Literature which is not available in the library can be requested via the German and international interlibrary loan system. The fee for each inter-library loan request is € 1,50. The library also takes part in Subito, a special document delivery service. The service can produce pdf or ps files from scanned articles and send these by email, which is faster and cheaper then sending paper copies by post.
Department libraries collect pertinent literature and informational material necessary for the specific disciplines. The material is shelved on open stacks. Books are arranged in subject categories in all libraries. The latest issues of journals are shelved on special display shelves in alphabetical order. Older issues are bound and shelved in ascending order.
Loan periods can differ depending upon whether you have undergraduate or postgraduate/academic borrowing privileges. It also depends upon the collection from which the item is borrowed.

Each library is equipped with the following technology:

- PCs: dedicated to legal research and search in the library’s catalogue (OPAC)

- Wireless Internet connection: for users who are equipped with their own portable PCs and a wireless card

- Photocopying machines, microfiches readers, and scanners

Another service provided by the library applies to online- and CD-ROM databases. There is access to a lot of licensed library databases and electronic journals for students and staff.