University Library

Registration to use the library

The Kaiserslautern University Library can be used by students, TUK employees and external users.

Registration is necessary for borrowing.

Here you can find the online forms (only in german language!):

Distance learning students of the TUK

You only need to register to use the library if you want to use the lending or interlibrary loan service here on site. The RHRK account is sufficient for using our electronic media.

External users

First issue of the user card costs 10,00 €.

To pick up your user card or to activate the chip card at the service counter in the Central Library, please bring your own:

  • your chip card and
  • your valid identity card or
  • Your passport in conjunction with a current registration certificate
  • External: 10,00 € for the first issue of the user card

If you lose your chip card or your user ID, you should report this immediately at the service counter. The issue of a replacement chip card at the Student Service Center (for students) or at the Central Library (for staff) costs 25.00 €, a replacement user card (paper form) for external users costs 10.00 €.

The University Library of Kaiserslautern is subject to the Library Regulations, which you accept with your registration.

The late fees are based on the State Ordinance of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate on fees in the fields of science, continuing education and research (Special List of Fees) dated November 27, 2014.

Personal data is always processed in accordance with the Basic Data Protection Regulation and in compliance with the data protection regulations of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate applicable to the University Library (State Data Protection Act).

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