University Library

Information about local library use for Distance Learning Students

During your studies you can benefit from the facilities and other services of the library if desired.


With free registration in the UB, you can open a library account, which is required for book borrowing for example.

Note: No registration is required you only use printed materials in the library rooms, access our e-media or use the library as a learning location!

  • Library account: The library account provides an overview of your personal data, current and past borrowings, reservations and charges as well as interlibrary loan orders. Here you can extend the deadline of borrowed media online and place reservations.
    The login consists of the 9 digits of the barcode number on your library card. The password can be requested in the library units or under zbausleihe(at)
  • Registration form: Fill out the form (only in german) in advance or directly from the staff of the respective library unit. Before we create your library account we need your identity card or passport.


As a start borrowing media is free of charge.

  • Loan periods vary depending on the medium and location. They are 2 weeks (extendable, maximum loan period of 6 weeks) for media from libraries or 4 weeks (extendable, maximum loan period of 52 weeks) for media from the textbook collection and the stack-room.
  • Fees: Fees are charged when the loan period is exceeded. For each week and medium it is 1 €. For more information see this overview.
  • An online extension is possible, if the medium is not marked and no fees have been incurred.
  • All newspapers and magazines as well as reference works and titles from the semester programs are not available for loan. Only use at site is possible here. You can however copy the required parts or save copies with our book scanners on your USB memory stick. Please observe the German Coypright Law when you make copies or scans.

Student Chip Card

If you visit us more often, you may be interested in creating a student chip card. It is the same as that our onsite students have got. It can be used to pay in the cafeteria, serves as a library card and can be used for the operation of multifunctional equipment.

You will receive this at the StudentServiceCenter for a fee.


As jackets and bags are not allowed in the library, we provide lockers for you.

  • In the Central Library the closing mechanism of the lockers is controlled by the student chip card. Normally you have not got such an RFID chip card but you can borrow a guest card by submitting your ID card at the landing desk.
    For instructions on how to operate the lockers, click here.
  • The department libraries offer partially open pockets for storing bags as well as lockers with keys. You will receive the keys at the respective lending desk.

Copying, scanning and printing

Printing: The central printing service of the RHRK provides you with a free-batch of 200 DIN A4 pages per month. Select "PS" and "PS-eins" (for one-sided printing) in the print menu. The printed pages can be picked up at the RHRK in Building 34 / Room 256. You will find the status of your print in the Service portal of the RHRK. For more information about printing, click here.

Copying: Coin copiers are available in all library units. Please note that the devices do not change money.

Scanning: At least one book scanner is available in each library that allows you to scan chapters of a book and articles and save them on a USB memory stick. The central library has got a scanner that allows you to send a few pages via e-mail and two desk scanners. Handling instructions can be found on the devices.

Exception: If you apply for a chip card in the StudentServiceCenter (SSC), you obtain the same conditions for printing and copying apply as our students at site.

Wifi in the library

If you work with your notebook in our rooms, you can use the network eduroam.
You can find information about the setup here.
By using your RHRK account, you can not only access the content of web pages but also our e-media and databases licensed for the library.

Learning rooms of the library

The rooms of the library are at your disposal as learning rooms the same way they are used by our students at site. In the Central Library, there are many individual workplaces, in our department libraries (except ARUBI) are also group workrooms. An overview of the equipment can be found here.

As the library is visited daily by many users and a pleasant learning climate is to be maintained, behave considerately:

  • Food and drink: Only water in sealed, transparent bottles is permitted in the rooms of the library. Food is not welcome.
  • Break  card: If you want to leave your workplace at short notice, please use the break card. They are available in each library. You can leave your workplace for a maximum of 60 minutes during the time from 12 am to 2 pm, at other times for 30 minutes. The place is reserved for you.
  • Lockers: Jackets and bags are stored in lockers before entering the rooms. We would be glad to provide you with a basket for things you would like to take into the library.

Location & opening times

The library is spread over a total of 8 locations on campus.

An overview of the libraries and their opening hours as well as their thematic priorities can be found in the visitor information.

Access to department libraries can be viewed via the campus location plan.

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