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DIN Standards and Patents

What are DIN standards?

DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is a registered non-profit association, not a state authority, based in Berlin.

The Institute serves as a round-table for manufacturers and consumers, representatives of the industry, commerce and the trades, service providers, technical inspection institutions, research organizations and public authorities to determine the present state of technology and develop consensus based technical standards.

These standards encourage rationalization, quality assurance and environmental protection and improve security and communication in the industry. They provide for clarity between suppliers and consumers, make construction, manufacturing and maintenance easier. DIN Standards are however not public regulations.

The DIN Standards are developed by 4,100 task groups with 36,000 experts contributing their skills and knowledge. To keep the existing standards up-to-date they are revised every five years.

Collection and Accessibility

The DIN Standards collection is located in the Central Library (Bldg.32), adjoining the Circulation Desk. (Phone: 0631/205-3531)

The print collection contains all valid German standards published prior to January 2009. Standards published as of January 2009 can be accessed online in the Campus Libraries.

Apart from German standards (DIN, DIN-VDE), European and international standards, which have become increasingly important in the global market, have been adapted unrevised to the DIN standards (DIN ISO, DIN ISO IEC, DIN IEC, DIN ETS, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, DIN EN ISO IEC, DIN EN ISP).

The standards are filed numerically and can be retrieved quickly at the desk provided the standard number is known. The DIN Catalogue for Technical Standardizations can be used for subject related searches. The catalogue contains a subject and alphabetical index as well as a numerical list of all valid standards. Use the subject index to search for a specific subject field. Listed under the subject field are all relevant standards and norms pertaining to that field.

The German Institute for Standardization's copyright regulations must be observed when duplicating standards:

  • Only students, faculty and staff members of the Kaiserslautern Technical University are allowed to copy DIN Standards.
  • The general public are asked to purchase needed standards from Beuth Publishing Company, Burggrafenstraße 6, 10787 Berlin.
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