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Search for research data

How can research data be found?

Sometimes the search for research data is more complicated, because some of them are not published. Larger repositories exist, for example, in the fields of medicine, biology, environmental sciences and high-energy physics.

Searching in research repositories

Data may have been made available for reuse in subject-specific or interdisciplinary repositories. Special search engines (see right) search diverse repositories simultaneously. Alternatively, re3data offers a summary of many currently operating research databases. If the search there provides suitable databases, the search for research data can also be carried out directly in the database.

The subsequent use of research data is usually determined by the license or other legal regulations under which the data was shared.

Search engines for research data

DataCite: International database for searching research data

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search): search engine for scientific documents with a focus on freely available publications. Research data represent one of many searchable document types.

Otherwise published or unpublished

The traditional and still usable access to third party research data is to ask the authors of scientific articles directly about their data. In many cases, central data on which publications are based are also made available by publishers as "supplementary material".

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