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License Conditions

Perinorm: DIN Standards and VDI Standards

Please note the following user conditions for DIN standards:
The German Institute for Standardization (DIN e.V.) grants official Standards Infopoints and their authorized users a non-exclusive right to the use of their electronic standards collection.
Authorized users include members of the TUK  (walk-in-access only, no remote access), i.e. faculty staff and students as well as lecturers and visiting instructors (for the duration of their affiliation or stay). These users are referred to as „university users“. Library guests using an IP address of TUK are also authorized to use the standards on site in the library.

  • Authorized users are permitted to conduct searches in the Perinorm Database and save extracts in the main memory.
  • University users are allowed to save excerpts of the researched data using the cut-and-paste method and to make paper copies of them (saving and printing) exclusively for their own scientific use.
  • Visitors who use the workstations provided in the campus libraries are only allowed to view the standards. Due to licensing reasons, they are not permitted to reproduce them.

In accordance with German copyright regulations, a partial or complete reproduction of data whether electronically by remote data transmission or as a paper copy is not permitted. Also, data may not be passed on to a third party or be used for commercial purposes.

DIN Standards/VDI Regulations:  I accept the conditions    I waive

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