University Library

Literature for Lectures and Exams

Recommendations by lecturers

Literature recommendations for lectures can be found in KIS, on the homepage of the lecture, in the handbook of modules or in OLAT. Usually relevant literature references are given in the lectures.

These recommendations should be available in the library (see course reserves). If this is not the case you can make an  acquisition request.

Course reserves

Course reserves (German: Semesterapparat) contain relevant literature recommended by the lecturers. These books are located in special shelves and cannot be borrowed. So there is a copy available for working in the library (learning for exams, solving homeworks,...). There are often further copies in the textbook collection.

Search for Course Reserves

If you have not found the right items, try to search the whole catalog.

Old exams

Most of the "Fachschaften" are collecting old exams and protocols of oral exams.

Textbook collection

The textbook collection is located in the Central Library (building 32) and contains borrowable study literature for all subject areas except the textbooks for the subject areas ARUBI, which are located in building 2. The loan period is four weeks. Renewals are possible.
The books are arranged according to their subjects. The subject is encoded in the signature of the books.

The books are listed in the catalog.

Textbooks (E-Books)

Collection of ebooks, sorted by topics. At the moment these collections are only available for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Search for task collections and excercises

Additional task collections can be useful for preparing exams, solving excercices or for a better understanding of lecture topics.

The narrow search will provide sets of task collections, while the results of the expanded search will contain more textbooks with additional excercices.

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