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3. How much does an interlibrary loan request cost?

A processing fee of €1.50 is charged for each item ordered through the Interlibrary Loan Service. Payment is made by purchasing a "TAN" (transaction number ) and must be made prior to placing a request. TANs may be purchased in any Campus Library. The processing fee is non reimbursable even in the event of non availability or cancellation of order. The fee is in accordance with the Interlibrary Loan Code and Ministry decision of February 7, 2004.

The German and International Interlibrary Loan Service may involve additional fees for photocopies, insurance for rare items, postage and packaging as well as other handling fees.

To avoid processing delays we recommend you state the amount of additional costs you are willing to assume directly on the order form.

Please note: When requesting a copy of a journal article or book chapter a preset amount of € 5.00 appears on the order form to cover any further costs that may arise. This amount may be reduced or increased to meet your personal needs.

General Fees:

- German Interlibrary Loan Service:
Photocopies exceeding 20 pages: € 0.15 per page
(Libraries in Bavaria: flat rate of €4.00 for 40 pages 
- € 2.00 / 20 pages following

-International Interlibrary Loan Service:
- Photocopies: € 17.00 minimum
- Books: € 25.00 minimum