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Meeting Room Booking System of the University Library

General Information

  • It is possible for TUK students to book group workplaces. Authentication takes place via the RHRK account.
  • One time slot can be booked per day. Dates may be booked up to one week in advance.
  • When booking, please note the maximum number of persons allowed and select your room and table accordingly.
  • Bookings are only allowed for groups. It is not permitted to uhe use of group room as an individual workstation.
  • To redeem the booking at least 2 of the group members must check in with the supervisory staff.
  • Bookings expire if you do not appear half an hour after the start of the time slot.
  • If you are unable to attend, please cancel the booking.
  • Exclusion from the room booking system is possible in case of abuse.


  • If you have booked a room, please provide your group members with the relevant information (building, room, table, time slot)
  • Please enter your RHRK name with which you made the booking at the checkpoint.
  • Workplace cards will be issued for the respective seats at the group work tables, which you can keep until the time slot expires at the latest.
  • When you have finished the group work - at the latest when the time slot is over - the work place card must be booked out and returned.

Rules of conduct and hygiene of the TUK

Everyone who is on campus is bound by the TUK's rules of conduct and hygiene. These can be read here:

Corona regulations of the TUK

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