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Fees for articles in open access journals can be covered, provided the following general conditions are met. The open access team of the TUK checks whether the rules have been obtained.

1. Articles accepted in the current fiscal year

The article to be published is accepted by the journals editorial board in the current fiscal year. Articles which have just been submitted or are under revision are not eligible for funding. Reserving funds and subsequent application for financial means (e.g. for papers that have been accepted in the year before) are excluded.

Funding is only possible for primary research articles (no editorial, report, ...) of at least five pages.

Submission fees as well as fees for additional services (color charges etc.) cannot be financially supported.

2. Golden OA-Journal

The article to be published appears in a journal that makes all articles available over the internet to users free of charge as soon as they appear
(pure, gold open access journals).
Publications in hybrid journals are not eligible for funding.

3. Quality Assurance Procedure

The article to be published appears in a journal using strict quality assurance procedures (e.g. peer review).

4. Author

The applicant is a member of the TUK (employment contract/civil service) and acts as corresponding author. He/she is therefore responsible for the payment of the publication fees.

5. Repository

The article will be additionally published on the university's document server KLUEDO. If possible, this will be done immediately after the first publication or as soon as the legal requirements allow to do so (assigned rights of use, embargo periods, etc.).


For the application you need an ORCID ID.
ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a unique identifier for scientists. It enables networking via links to publications, research data and scientific activities.

Guide to linking author profiles (available only in german language)

7. License

Your article will be published with a CC-BY license (recommended by the DFG), possibly also one of the other possible CC licenses. Note that said licenses must not entail any costs.


8. Funding Acknowledgement

If your research is being funded by the DFG, make sure your article contains a funding acknowledgement.


Contact and individual advice

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail and arrange an individual consultation appointment if required.

Open Access Representative

Please direct all inquiries by e-mail: openaccess(at)

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