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Open Access Strategies

Gold Open Access

Through Gold Open Access, the author pays an Article Publication Charge (APC) and the article is immediately freely available online for all to read, download, and share.

Platinum Open Access

Platinum Open Access means that the publication is permanent and openly available to readers from the publisher's site (just as in Gold OA) and that no article processing fees have to be paid on the side of the authors (in contrast to Gold OA). Thus, platinum open acces article are 100% free! Importantly, authors retain copyright of their work and allow it to be shared and reused, provided that it is correctly cited. All articles are published under the most flexible reuse standard – the CC BY-License.

Green Open Access

Self-archiving (Green Open Access) allows non-final versions to be hosted on a personal or institutional website or repository (e.g. KLUEDO). Submitted versions may be archived immediately (preprint) and accepted versions (with publisher layout) after an embargo period. The length of the embargo period differs among publishers.

Hybrid Open Access Journals

Hybrid journals (Open Choice Journals) are traditional subscription-based journals, which allow single articles to be made available in Open Access for a fee (“Open Choice”). Submission of articles to such journals cannot be funded by the publication fund.


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