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The university library is actively engaged in the field of open access, which has proven to be an effective model for publishing scientific work, providing worldwide, free and unrestricted access to research results. Accordingly the president of the TU Kaiserslautern signed up the Berlin Declaration on Open Access. The university encourages scientists to publish their research results open access (Open Access Policy).
For several years the library provides the certified online publication platform KLUEDO to publish electronically generated degree theses and papers of high quality.
Since 2018 the Open Access Publishing Fund (DFG) of the TU Kaiserslautern offers financial support for researchers who publish articles in gold open access journals.

Open Access - short and sweet

This year's international open access week will take place from the 19th to the 25th of October 2020. We would like to take this opportunity to promote the idea of "open access publishing" and to inform you about the opportunities available to you. Therefore, we will offer you some information on this topic every day.

Today we will start with information on open access in general. You can find target group-specific information either on our library website or on the information platform

Open Access means unrestricted and free access to scientific and scholarly information without payment barriers for readers. There are two ways of publishing scientific results open access: the golden and the green road.

Golden road refers to primarily publishing scientific results in pure open access journals. There are two different models here: If journals are financed via so-called author processing charges (APC's), the author has to pay the APC so that the article is published in this open access journal. Other journals, e.g. those of scientific societies, do not charge any fees for free access.

Online Coffee Lecture: The Paths of Open Access (Video, 7:45 min)

The green path refers to the additional publication (self-archiving) of a document published by a publisher or in a paid journal on institutional or disciplinary open access repositories.

More and more publishers grant a second publication right for authors. You can publish simultaneously with or after the publication of the content in the publishing house. You should clarify the legal conditions in advance. SHERPA/RoMEO provides information on publisher copyright and open access archiving policies. detects papers behind paywalls and helps their authors to upload them in one click to an open repository.

Besides, the German Act on Copyright and Related Rights stipulates that scientific contributions may be published a second time subsequently. For this purpose certain conditions must be met. It is important that you do not assign your exploitation rights.

We recommend to archive your scientific or scholarly publication via a professional or institutional repository. KLUEDO is the document server of the TU Kaiserslautern, which is technically and editorially managed by the university library. All members of the university can publish electronically generated scientific contributions (theses, conference papers, journal articles etc.) free of charge on KLUEDO. Once published, the texts are available worldwide for free use on the internet and are permanently archived by the German National Library.

As part of the "Open Access Publishing" funding program, the German Research Foundation (DFG) supports universities in promoting open access publishing. The DFG promotes the establishment of open access publication funds at German universities.

In 2018, a publication fund has been established at TU Kaiserslautern to finance open access publications. The payment of open access publication fees (article processing charge - APC) can be reimbursed to the scientists due to such a fund.

Please use the checklist on our website to check whether your publication is eligible for funding.

Information on how to apply for funding can be found here.

Online Coffee Lecture: Publication Fund (Video, 8:40 min)

The Open Access team supports you with various services related to open access publishing. Yesterday we presented the DFG-funded publication fund.

We are happy to offer you subject-specific training courses that we can tailor to your needs and wishes. In addition, we are available for all kinds of questions - for example, selection of Creative Commons licenses, publishing within the DEAL contracts with Springer and Wiley or publishing an article in open access.

You can contact us at any time and arrange an individual consultation appointment. Please direct all inquiries by e-mail: openaccess(at)

Little time? Watch our online coffee lectures and find out all you need to know about open access over a cup of coffee or tea.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists gold open access journals that use a quality control system (peer review). It is possible to search both by journal title and by subject area. About 80% of the journals can also be searched at article level.

A list of frequently cited open access journals can be found here.

How can you avoid falling victim to a "Predatory Journal"? The website of the Think Check Submit initiative can serve as a useful tool. Quality Open Access Market (QOAM) is also an indicator for high quality open access journals.

Online Coffee Lecture: The DOAJ and the choice of suitable OA journals (Video, 7:46 min)

Open Access - Erster Überblick
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Open Access - Was heißt das? Was gilt es zu beachten?
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The Paths of Open Access
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The DOAJ and the choice of suitable OA journals
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Publication Fund
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Why an ORCID?
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How to publish open access with Springer and Wiley
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Open Access Strategies

There are different paths (gold road, green road) to make scientific publications available. Thus, all that glitters is not gold.

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Financing of OA-Publications

Since the beginning of 2018 a publication fund supports scientists at the TUK when publishing open access.

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Document server of TU Kaiserslautern

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Information for authors

Open access journals and books

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Predatory Publishing

Checklist for trusted journals

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Open Educational Resources

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail and arrange an individual consultation appointment if required.

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